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FLL Lego Robotics Tournaments Start In November

It's that time of year again! In November, the local Lego robotics tournaments will begin & we HIGHLY recommend that you attend a weekend tournament in your area! It's FREE for the whole family to attend too. It's very exciting to see the Lego robots & watch the teams compete. It's also interesting to see how each Lego robot is built differently to solve the same tasks! Some robots are more successful at getting points than others & you can learn why.

So, are you interested in attending?!? We recommend a couple things:

1. Figure out which local robotics competition to attend

  • Check out Look for "FIRST Lego League (FLL)" for ages 9-14 & "Jr. First Lego League (Jr. FLL)" for ages 6-9.
  • Google FLL & your city name to see if there are any local websites with more competitions

 2. Learn more about this year's robot game called "2015 Trash Trek Challenge" so you learn what the robots are doing & how the robots can score points. Check out this video:

3. Learn the basics of what FLL is all about by watching this video below:


And if you're interested in joining a team for next year, keep in mind that you can introduce yourself to an FLL team coach or start your own team next year! 

Have fun & let us know if you enjoyed the tournament! Also, what did you learn? 

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2015 VEX IQ Robotics World Championship

Congrats to middle school teams Discobots XRay (2587X) & Elementrix (7065A)! They won 1ST PLACE at the 2015 VEX IQ Robotics World Championship, which was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky!! 

This year's VEX IQ Challenge Game is called "Skyrise". The robots move & stack the red, green, & blue blocks.

Check out this instant replay video of the last & final match of this robotics competition:


If you want a review of the rules of the 2015 VEX IQ Skyrise Challenge Game, check this video out:


Do you want to go to the VEX IQ Robotics World Championship this year?

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