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Drones Help Lifeguards Keep Beaches Safe

Drones are now being used on beaches in California to help lifeguards look for sharks & any other dangerous animals in the ocean. A camera  on the drone takes video to help identify where the sharks are so that lifeguards can tell swimmers if there is any danger.

Check this video out to see what the drones find on the beach:

Do you go swimming at the beach? Would you feel safer swimming on a beach with drones?

Let us know below in the Comments section!

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Building A Robot Dinosaur For Jurassic World

In the movie Jurassic World, dinosaur animatronics were built to create life-like dinosaurs. Not only did the animatronic dinosaur need to look like a real dinosaur, but it also needs to move & act like a real dinosaur! 

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to see the process of building the Apatosaurus in the movie:

The Jurassic World actors explained what it was like to interact with the robot dinosaur:

Would you want to build a robot dinosaur? Did the dinosaur animatronics in the Jurassic World movie look like what a real dinosaur would look like?

Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below to share!

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The NAO Next Gen Is The Newest NAO Robot

The NAO Robot has been around for several years, mainly used at colleges or research institutions to study robotics. The NAO Next Gen is the latest version of the NAO robot & this humanoid robot is now for sale to the public. While this human robot looks like a toy, don't expect your parents probably to buy one for you this Christmas since the Nao robot price is $8000! Maybe you can buy one when you earn some money doing some chores! Or instead, you can check out a NAO robot action figure from last month's post in the meantime! 

Check out the NAO Next Gen robot in action:


Check out an unboxing video of the $8000 Nao robot:

If you could buy a Nao robot for sale, what would you program it to do? Do you already have a human robot?

Let us know below in the comments section!


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Teddy Bear Robot Helps Kids In Hospitals

A cute, blue teddy bear robot named Huggable was built by a team of researchers at MIT. The goal of the animatronic robot is to help children be less afraid when during a hospital visit. The Huggable teddy bear robot can move his eyes, heads, & hands while talking and playing games. As animatronics should be, Huggable is very animated & life-like when he speaks. Find out how he does it in the video!

Watch this video to meet Huggable at the Boston Children's Hospital: 

Do you want to meet Huggable? Would he help make you feel more comfortable when you're feeling scared?


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Drones Race Like Star Wars Pod Racers

In Nevada, a group of pilots meet to race their drones at a "drone rodeo " in a large arena.  Each pilots wears video glasses so that they have a first-person view (FPV) of what the drone cameras see. FPV drone racing is a lot of fun for both the drone pilots & for the people watching the drones race!

Whether for drone racing or drone fighting, is important for that the drones don't break easily. Drones can get destroyed in many ways like crashing into objects or falling into water. This has helped push the drone builders to look for creative engineering solutions to make their drones indestructible! 

Check out this video to watch the awesome drones in action:

Would you want to see drones racing in the arena?

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