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Must-See Funny Humanoid Robot FAILS!

Robots are not perfect! Get ready to see this very funny, must-see video of humanoid robots falling during a recent robotics competition called the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, California. Get ready for a few good laughs!

Oh... and before you watch this video, don't forget to turn your volume up: 

While it's funny to watch what the robots didn't do right, just think about how hard it must be to program these robots do a lot of these tasks that seem so easy for humans. Even after engineers & researchers spent years building these robots, they still aren't perfect.

During the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge, 25 teams from around the world competed for a grand prize of $2 million. The goal of each humanoid robot is to complete tasks that could help in an emergency disaster where it is too dangerous for a human.

Check out this video to watch the humanoid robots successfully completing their tasks: 

And in case you're wondering, DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency & is part of the US government that is responsible for new technologies for the military. 

Do you think you'll want to build a humanoid robot in the future? Will you win the $2 million grand prize?

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Meet Pepper The Robot, World's First Home Robot

Pepper The Robot is the world's 1st friendly, personal humanoid robot for your home! His goal is to make you happy by being your friend & having fun with you. He is able to talk a lot... in fact, he likes to talk more than most other robots & enjoys telling jokes to make you laugh. He likes to play games & dance to music too, including pop and classical music. And since he has wheels, he can move around your home too.

Pepper is an emotional robot. He is smarter & more human-like compared to other robots because he understands emotions. He know what emotions you're feeling by listening to your voice & watching your face. He'll know if you are happy or sad, just like a real human. For example, he might play a song for you if you are feeling sad. Over time, Pepper learns more about you just like a human friend would.

Pepper has been very popular in Japan. In June, Pepper robots were sold to the public for the first time. 1000 Pepper robots were sold less in less than 1 minute!! Can you believe that? And he doesn't even have to do chores like washing dishes or cleaning the floors either!

Check out this video to see Pepper The Robot talking on stage about himself & innovation:


If you want to bring Pepper to your home, Pepper costs about $1500 & there is also a $200/month subscription fee. While Pepper is more expensive than many other robots, Pepper is actually a good price compared to other robots of his size. In addition, most robots can't do what he can do.

So, is your home ready for Pepper The Robot? Let us know below by leaving us a comment below!


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World's First Robot Hotel Opens In Japan

Henn-na Hotel is the world's first hotel run by robots & this this new hotel is located in Nagasaki, Japan. In Japanese, the hotel's name means "Strange Hotel". There are 10 robots throughout the hotel that help a guest during their stay. As a guest enters the hotel, there is a dinosaur robot & humanoid robots to help with check-in. There is another robot that will help take luggage to your room. There is even a friendly robot inside your room that can turn the lights off for you.

This robot hotel is an experiment to see how humans adapt to such a hotel run by robots & to see if they can cut costs for low-cost hotels. Do humans enjoy staying in a hotel run by robots or do they feel lonely? Do guests enjoy human interaction at a hotel?

Check out this video to see more about how the Henn-na Hotel works:

Would you stay at the Henn-na Hotel? Do you think we'll have more robot hotels in the future?


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The NAO Next Gen Is The Newest NAO Robot

The NAO Robot has been around for several years, mainly used at colleges or research institutions to study robotics. The NAO Next Gen is the latest version of the NAO robot & this humanoid robot is now for sale to the public. While this human robot looks like a toy, don't expect your parents probably to buy one for you this Christmas since the Nao robot price is $8000! Maybe you can buy one when you earn some money doing some chores! Or instead, you can check out a NAO robot action figure from last month's post in the meantime! 

Check out the NAO Next Gen robot in action:


Check out an unboxing video of the $8000 Nao robot:

If you could buy a Nao robot for sale, what would you program it to do? Do you already have a human robot?

Let us know below in the comments section!


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NAO Robot Toys Look Like The Real NAO Robot

The 'little NAO' is an action figure that look just like the big, real NAO robot, except it's much smaller & well, it's only $39 + taxes/shipping! The humanoid robot comes in either blue or red! Which color do you like?  

Check out these NAO robots in action playing with each other:


And of course, you here's the unboxing video of the 'little Nao":

So, what do you think? Leave a comment below & let us know what you think of the NAO Robot action figures!

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