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Building A Robot Dinosaur For Jurassic World

In the movie Jurassic World, dinosaur animatronics were built to create life-like dinosaurs. Not only did the animatronic dinosaur need to look like a real dinosaur, but it also needs to move & act like a real dinosaur! 

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to see the process of building the Apatosaurus in the movie:

The Jurassic World actors explained what it was like to interact with the robot dinosaur:

Would you want to build a robot dinosaur? Did the dinosaur animatronics in the Jurassic World movie look like what a real dinosaur would look like?

Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below to share!

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Teddy Bear Robot Helps Kids In Hospitals

A cute, blue teddy bear robot named Huggable was built by a team of researchers at MIT. The goal of the animatronic robot is to help children be less afraid when during a hospital visit. The Huggable teddy bear robot can move his eyes, heads, & hands while talking and playing games. As animatronics should be, Huggable is very animated & life-like when he speaks. Find out how he does it in the video!

Watch this video to meet Huggable at the Boston Children's Hospital: 

Do you want to meet Huggable? Would he help make you feel more comfortable when you're feeling scared?


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Walt Disney Talks About Disneyland Animatronics

In the 1950's & 1960's, Disney began building animatronic robots to create 3D, life-like animated figures that could entertain people in Disney movies & theme parks. The animatronics needed to be created when an actor or animal didn't exist, when it was too dangerous to use a real actor or animal, or when it was too expensive to use real actors or animals. 

In the following 4 videos, Walt Disney takes us on a special, behind-the-scenes tour of Disney Imagineering while the Imagineers were building animatronics for the 1964 New York World's Fair. Many of these animatronic robots were permanently moved to Disneyland after the World's Fair ended. In the 1st video, Walt Disney talks about a giant squid created for the movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, animatronic animals for the Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland, more animal robots like bears & elks in Frontierland, & robot dinosaurs from the Disneyland Railroad:

In the 2nd video, Walt Disney shows us the process of making the animatronic birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room, the animatronic dolls for the It's A Small World ride, & human animatronic robot Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland:

In the 3rd video, Walt Disney shows us the Carousel Theater of Progress & demonstrates how a human operator nearby controls an animatronic robot like a puppet:

In the 4th video, Walt Disney showcases all of the animatronic dolls in the classic It's A Small World ride:

Isn't it great to see how these Disneyland attractions were created over 60 years ago? Isn't it great to see how much the technology used to build animatronics has improved due to the entertainment industry?

Please let us know what you think below in the Comments section!

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