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Tesla SUVs & Cars Have New "Auto-Pilot" Mode!

Tesla drivers can now test a new beta auto-pilot feature in the new Model X & also available for download for the Model S, Tesla's first car. In auto-pilot mode, the Tesla vehicle completely takes over steering & driving! However, the driver should still keep their eyes & hands on the steering wheel just in case the driver needs to override it. This is NOT a fully self-driving or autonomous car in which the driver can relax & not pay attention to driving. Instead, this auto-pilot feature is more similar to the cruise-control feature that is built into cars today since it still requires driver's assistance.

So far, some Tesla drivers who have tried the new auto-pilot feature say that the feature is great, while other drivers have said it is scary & dangerous. Since this auto-pilot feature is still in beta testing, there are some glitches & the software engineers will be working on fixing those in the upcoming months. Check out this video in which a driver shares his experience on the road while testing out the new auto-pilot feature: 

What do you think about this "auto-pilot" feature in the new Teslas? Would you feel safe in a Tesla driving in "auto-pilot" mode?


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A Ride In A Google Self-Driving Car

For many years, Google engineers have been building driverless cars (also called autonomous vehicles). Until recently, Google allowed real people to take a test ride & see what they think. 

Check out what a small group of people thought when they went for their first ride in Google self-driving cars:

Google hopes to sell these robot cars in the year 2020. Do you think you & your family are ready to go for a first ride in a driverless car?

Leave us a comment & let us know what you think below! 

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