Robotics For Kids — Drones

Spooky Ghost Drones Fly On Halloween

It's time for Halloween & some hobbyists have been turning their drones into flying ghosts & other spooky halloween characters!

Check out this video to see some of the spookiest ghost drones around:

NOTE: Please DO NOT try this at home with your drone. It is VERY dangerous to scare people with ghost drones!

Would you be scared by a ghost drone if you saw one flying in the air? Why or why not? Why do you think it is dangerous for people to create ghost drones?

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Can Drones Build A Walking Rope Bridge?

A team of researchers in Switzerland have been trying to answer that question! They have spent hours working on building a team of drones to fly & work together to build a rope bridge together. These drones are NOT controlled by a human via remote control. Instead, they're controlled autonomously all by themselves! Each drone has to be careful not to hit other drones or ropes or else the drone will crash! 

Watch this video to see the drones in action:


Do you think these flying robots could build large bridges in the future? Do you think we'll use drones for building construction in the future too?

Leave us a comment & let us know your thoughts below!

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Animals Attack Drones Flying Too Close

While most drone pilots know that they shouldn't fly their drones too close to animals, some pilots don't do that. These drone pilots hope to get good close-up video of the animals running or flying. But sometimes, the risk isn't worth it when the animals destroy the drones...

Check out this video to watch the drones get attacked by animals:


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Kids Fly Parrot Drone For First Time

The Parrot Rolling Spider is a toy drone that is small, but has great speed & stability. It can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet to turn or do acrobatic flips. Keep in mind it can be used indoors & outdoors too. And since it has a small camera in it, it can take photos while flying up high. This drone is so easy to learn how to fly... well, you don't have to take my word for it.

Just watch this video to see what these kids think about learning to fly a drone in a few minutes:


The Parrot Rolling Spider is a great drone for kids! Do you think you could fly a toy drone yet? If you already know how to fly a drone, what advice would you give to someone learning how to fly a drone?


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Drones Help Lifeguards Keep Beaches Safe

Drones are now being used on beaches in California to help lifeguards look for sharks & any other dangerous animals in the ocean. A camera  on the drone takes video to help identify where the sharks are so that lifeguards can tell swimmers if there is any danger.

Check this video out to see what the drones find on the beach:

Do you go swimming at the beach? Would you feel safer swimming on a beach with drones?

Let us know below in the Comments section!

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