World's First Robot Hotel Opens In Japan

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Henn-na Hotel is the world's first hotel run by robots & this this new hotel is located in Nagasaki, Japan. In Japanese, the hotel's name means "Strange Hotel". There are 10 robots throughout the hotel that help a guest during their stay. As a guest enters the hotel, there is a dinosaur robot & humanoid robots to help with check-in. There is another robot that will help take luggage to your room. There is even a friendly robot inside your room that can turn the lights off for you.

This robot hotel is an experiment to see how humans adapt to such a hotel run by robots & to see if they can cut costs for low-cost hotels. Do humans enjoy staying in a hotel run by robots or do they feel lonely? Do guests enjoy human interaction at a hotel?

Check out this video to see more about how the Henn-na Hotel works:

Would you stay at the Henn-na Hotel? Do you think we'll have more robot hotels in the future?


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