Meet Pepper The Robot, World's First Home Robot

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Pepper The Robot is the world's 1st friendly, personal humanoid robot for your home! His goal is to make you happy by being your friend & having fun with you. He is able to talk a lot... in fact, he likes to talk more than most other robots & enjoys telling jokes to make you laugh. He likes to play games & dance to music too, including pop and classical music. And since he has wheels, he can move around your home too.

Pepper is an emotional robot. He is smarter & more human-like compared to other robots because he understands emotions. He know what emotions you're feeling by listening to your voice & watching your face. He'll know if you are happy or sad, just like a real human. For example, he might play a song for you if you are feeling sad. Over time, Pepper learns more about you just like a human friend would.

Pepper has been very popular in Japan. In June, Pepper robots were sold to the public for the first time. 1000 Pepper robots were sold less in less than 1 minute!! Can you believe that? And he doesn't even have to do chores like washing dishes or cleaning the floors either!

Check out this video to see Pepper The Robot talking on stage about himself & innovation:


If you want to bring Pepper to your home, Pepper costs about $1500 & there is also a $200/month subscription fee. While Pepper is more expensive than many other robots, Pepper is actually a good price compared to other robots of his size. In addition, most robots can't do what he can do.

So, is your home ready for Pepper The Robot? Let us know below by leaving us a comment below!


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