100 Robi Robots Perform Flashmob Dance In Japan

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In Japan, 100 Robi robots danced in a Flashmob together in Japan! 

Check out the video below to see the robot dance show: 

These Robi robots are very popular in Japan! Robi is a robot kit, but it is different from other robot kits because you don't get all of the pieces for the robot in one box. Instead, there is a weekly Robi magazine that you receive & each magazine issue comes with a few parts to build your robot along with some instructions. After receiving 70 magazine issues (each issue costs $25), you'll be finished building the Robi!

Robi is a cute, small humanoid robot companion made for everyone, including children & adults. He is only 1 feet tall & weighs about 2 lbs. Robi only speaks Japanese & can understand 200 Japanese words. When you call his name, he will welcome you home. He has microphones in his ears so he know where you are & he'll turn his head toward you. His mouth also turns red when he speaks.

He can also stand, walk, sing, dance, & play games too. He can even play kick ball with another Robi. Robi also can control the TV since he has an IR emitter in his forehead.

Check out the video below to see what else he can do besides dancing:

So, do you want a Robi in your home?

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