2015 VEX IQ Robotics World Championship

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Congrats to middle school teams Discobots XRay (2587X) & Elementrix (7065A)! They won 1ST PLACE at the 2015 VEX IQ Robotics World Championship, which was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky!! 

This year's VEX IQ Challenge Game is called "Skyrise". The robots move & stack the red, green, & blue blocks.

Check out this instant replay video of the last & final match of this robotics competition:


If you want a review of the rules of the 2015 VEX IQ Skyrise Challenge Game, check this video out:


Do you want to go to the VEX IQ Robotics World Championship this year?

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  • I see. I love the way that face mask was built, a little Bionicle-Esque(sp?), and this is cnomig from someone who does not like Bionicle, except for the Zamor launchers:-PI don’t see much in the way of sensors though, except for the US sensor in the head, I can’t spot any other sensors (in positions where they would be terribly useful at least) does it use only rotations? Although, I think I spotted a HiTechnic color sensor on Alpha.

    Anna on

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