VEX IQ Robot Kits - Ready To Build A Robot?

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Are you ready to learn how to build a robot? For kids ages 9 & up, the VEX IQ Super robotics kits & LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits are 2 of best robot kits for beginners that you'll want to consider buying. Keep in mind that these robot kits are perfect if you are ready to get into robotics & want to build a lot of robots!! If you like construction toys like LEGO & want to learn how to make them "do" things, robotics is for you. 

As for the Vex IQ Robotics Kit, it is $300 & comes with 850 pieces including 7 sensors, 4 motors, radio controller, & robot brain. For programming the robot, you can use a graphical programming language Modkit or RobotC. This robot kit is generally used in classrooms, robotics clubs, or for VEX robotics competitions. However, you can also teach yourself at home through the free online curriculum & tutorials. Keep in mind that if you're still in elementary school, you may need an adult to help you get started.

Check out this excellent video for a review of the VEX IQ Super Kit:

And in case you need to explain to your parents or teachers what you'll be learning from the VEX IQ robotics program, have your parents or teachers watch this video:

Are you ready to learn how to make a robot? Are you ready for a VEX IQ Kit?

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  • I’ve been competing in FLL & VEX robotics competitions since I was in 3rd grade. So muuuuuuch fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dylan C. on

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