Dash And Dot Robots Teach Kids To Code On Mobile App

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Dash and Dot robots are simple, cute, & fun robots that can be used at home to teach young kids (ages 5 & up) the basics of robotics. In addition, they are a great first robot to learn how to code or program on a mobile phone or tablet so that they can control the robot. What I really like about these robots is that there aren't many construction pieces (e.g. LEGOs), so you can really focus on learning the basics of programming a robot before you buy another robot kit with construction pieces. The Dash & Dot Wonder Pack is a great buy at $280. 

Dash and Dot robots are so fun that there is  an online "Dot & Dash Show" with 10 YouTube episodes. Each episode shows what you can make with these robots!

Check out the first episode of the Dash & Dot robot show in this video:

Check out this video to see a real kid show us his robot playing the xylophone & how he created the code to control the robot on his tablet:

Do you know how to program robots yet? If not, do the Dash & Dot robots seem fun & easy to learn?

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