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Kids Fly Parrot Drone For First Time

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The Parrot Rolling Spider is a toy drone that is small, but has great speed & stability. It can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet to turn or do acrobatic flips. Keep in mind it can be used indoors & outdoors too. And since it has a small camera in it, it can take photos while flying up high. This drone is so easy to learn how to fly... well, you don't have to take my word for it.

Just watch this video to see what these kids think about learning to fly a drone in a few minutes:


The Parrot Rolling Spider is a great drone for kids! Do you think you could fly a toy drone yet? If you already know how to fly a drone, what advice would you give to someone learning how to fly a drone?


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Kid Galaxy Spinning Robot Is For Preschoolers

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The Kid Galaxy robot is perfect for kids under 5 years old to get started with robotics early. Preschoolers will learn how to control a simple remote-controlled robot & also enjoy the robots' blinking eyes, spinning parts, & sounds while the robots move around the floor. 

Check out this video to watch the Kid Galaxy robot in action:

Here's a great video with a review from a mom about the Kid Galaxy Robot for her little ones:

 Do you think your preschoolers will like these robots?

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World's First Robot Hotel Opens In Japan

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Henn-na Hotel is the world's first hotel run by robots & this this new hotel is located in Nagasaki, Japan. In Japanese, the hotel's name means "Strange Hotel". There are 10 robots throughout the hotel that help a guest during their stay. As a guest enters the hotel, there is a dinosaur robot & humanoid robots to help with check-in. There is another robot that will help take luggage to your room. There is even a friendly robot inside your room that can turn the lights off for you.

This robot hotel is an experiment to see how humans adapt to such a hotel run by robots & to see if they can cut costs for low-cost hotels. Do humans enjoy staying in a hotel run by robots or do they feel lonely? Do guests enjoy human interaction at a hotel?

Check out this video to see more about how the Henn-na Hotel works:

Would you stay at the Henn-na Hotel? Do you think we'll have more robot hotels in the future?


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Dash And Dot Robots Teach Kids To Code On Mobile App

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Dash and Dot robots are simple, cute, & fun robots that can be used at home to teach young kids (ages 5 & up) the basics of robotics. In addition, they are a great first robot to learn how to code or program on a mobile phone or tablet so that they can control the robot. What I really like about these robots is that there aren't many construction pieces (e.g. LEGOs), so you can really focus on learning the basics of programming a robot before you buy another robot kit with construction pieces. The Dash & Dot Wonder Pack is a great buy at $280. 

Dash and Dot robots are so fun that there is  an online "Dot & Dash Show" with 10 YouTube episodes. Each episode shows what you can make with these robots!

Check out the first episode of the Dash & Dot robot show in this video:

Check out this video to see a real kid show us his robot playing the xylophone & how he created the code to control the robot on his tablet:

Do you know how to program robots yet? If not, do the Dash & Dot robots seem fun & easy to learn?

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Drones Help Lifeguards Keep Beaches Safe

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Drones are now being used on beaches in California to help lifeguards look for sharks & any other dangerous animals in the ocean. A camera  on the drone takes video to help identify where the sharks are so that lifeguards can tell swimmers if there is any danger.

Check this video out to see what the drones find on the beach:

Do you go swimming at the beach? Would you feel safer swimming on a beach with drones?

Let us know below in the Comments section!

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